„All is wrong”. To all you desperate souls out there

Despair can make you think that all is wrong.

Despair is actually quite good at that. It can make you choke on your tears in the middle of a night and feel like you’re all alone in the whole damn world, and think you’d better put an end to all of this by swallowing some pills.

Now, I’m not going to try to convince you that “it’s never that bad”. ‘Cause actually yes, actually sometimes it is that bad. ‘Cause it feels that bad.

…Nor am I going to lie to you and say you’re never alone. ‘Cause sometimes you are. Let’s face it: at some point in your life you can find yourself completely, and totally, and undeniably alone for some reasons. This kind of shit also happens.

You probably know there are dark places in people’s lives.

They’re places you later want to forget, and you may also want to deny that it was you: down there, crouching on the floor in that darkest of places, all alone, hurt, and hopeless. You may want to tell yourself that that person wasn’t you.

But it doesn’t work, does it? I mean, “becoming somebody else”, “becoming a different person”, and losing this other person, leaving them behind, leaving them for ever in that dark place you don’t ever want to be in again.

I wanted to lose the person I once was that way. A girl of fourteen: left alone, scared shitless, having no sense of belonging anywhere, and later only wanting to give it all up and die. I wanted to lose her, leave her somewhere on my way. I wanted it badly, but it didn’t work.

Some time lapsed, though, and I understood that I simply can’t ever leave her like that. If I left her, she wouldn’t let me forget about herself, anyway: she would wake me in the middle of the night with her crying, and ask for my attention.

Nor can I deny that that person was me, once. ‘Cause she was, and still is a part of me. I carry her around inside me like a dead foetus. It’s a slightly disturbing experience, but I’m getting used to it.

Accept the person, or persons, that you once were in your life: whoever they were, in whatever condition they were, whatever they did, or whatever was done to them. They were you at some point of your own life, and even though you don’t want to be them, and see the dark they saw ever again, they deserve this acceptance. You deserve this acceptance.

Don’t leave who you once were behind: carry your dead foetuses within you. Carrying them won’t make you be like them, nor will it stop you from changing, and growing — if that’s what you want in life.

‘Cause while “becoming somebody else” and leaving who you once were behind is, to my mind, a) a very bad idea and b) impossible, change is always possible.

So give yourself a chance at that. All of you, desperate souls. You deserve this chance, and you can change. You can always change. Even if it’s “all wrong” now.

All the best,

P. s. I came across a nice song writing this. Nice, isn’t it?


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I'm an unprofessional writer, reader and translator. I'm also a walking, breathing and listening addict. And I love being all that.

8 thoughts on “„All is wrong”. To all you desperate souls out there”

  1. SO TRUE! One definitely should accept all the version of oneself there were, are and will be. Pretending they don’t exist usually ends up pretty badly – and I sort of know what I’m saying here 🙂 The sooner everyone realizes it, the better 🙂
    And about that ‘it-feels’ bit: I can’t resist quoting one of my life-changing lines by Muse here: ‘I just don’t care if it’s real, that won’t change how it feels’ 🙂 ❤

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  2. If we’re going to use that metaphor – dead foetuses, as every organic dead matter, are good fertilisers. So, the food for the soil of your soul. Quite a brilliant, disturbing picture.

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  3. It’s all so true! It shocked me how despite thinking about desperation and why people get it and why they can’t leave it behind, how all of centers on accepting it. This is, in fact, not just brilliant and disturbing but also conclusive. This reminds me of a quote in The Fault in our Stars by John Green- Pain demands to be felt. And now I’m thinking maybe that’s true for despair as well.


  4. I keep hearing about this novel, which means I should probably read it some time. 😉
    And I agree, pain does demand to be felt, actually sometimes there isn’t a better option than to let oneself feel it, and fully experience it.
    Have a good day, Kimaya.

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    1. True that. You probably should. 😉 Thanks….it’s really good to know somebody’s appreciating at least my comments. I’m new here, see…please check out my blog if you like poetry. It’s Weaving Words. Thanks a lot!

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