Energy Drinks

I don’t like them, and I don’t drink them, and this post is not going to be about them.

It’s just that “energy drinks” seemed like a good title for a post about where energy comes from. Not in the physical or “spiritual” sense, ’cause I don’t think I know much about either. I’m speaking here of energy in the most mundane sense of the thing that you need to fucking get up in the morning when it’s all bleak and hateful outside, and inside, and damn well everywhere.

I went to see a film during Transsmisja festival that took place in Kraków last week, and I had with me a big headache coupled with a big hate load. The film was about queer female DJs in Berlin, and although I’m neither an aspiring DJ nor even a fan of techno/house music, I found it just so inspiring. Just hearing these women talk about their work, all of them so immersed in it, so much at one with what they do!

You know that vague line from W.B. Yeats, “How can we know the dancer from the dance?”? These are the words I could use (if I didn’t feel uncomfortable with reciting poetry in conversations) whenever I see someone so dedicated to their work that they seem to really be what they do.

And such people are a major source of inspiration to me. They ignite when someone asks them a question about some grammar thing, they spend their nights writing stories, they sing and drum on their knees with their fingers when travelling on a bus. And they give me so much without even realising. Just because they are the way they are.

They give me energy to get over my hate load, sometimes even to stop inwardly bitching about a headache, and — always — to see the good of doing what you want to do, and of believing in it. And so it happens: I meet someone like that, and I get inspired to e.g. write a post about energy, and all this time this energy flows through me. And it feels so good.

Like now, because right now I’m drinking one energy drink… I mean, listening to one “energy song”: Partners in Crime by Levitations.

Hope you have a good day.


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I'm an unprofessional writer, reader and translator. I'm also a walking, breathing and listening addict. And I love being all that.

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