For a Change

This is a post of the kind where you remind your readers that the year is ending like they didn’t know that.

But read on! There won’t be any NY’s resolutions!

I resolved to change something before the year ends, though, and I want everyone to notice that: the name of my blog changed, see?

“Like some punk bride of the future” is a quote from Stephen King, and I wanted to steal these words the moment I read them (some months ago when I was reading It) because

  • they describe one of a group of children who fought against their fears, and
  • recently, I feel like I belong to that group because I’ve been confronting my fears a lot for the past year (though I’ve been doing that in therapy and not by shooting silver bullets), and
  • thanks to that, I’ve finally found myself able to think about the future, which I was practically incapable of for some time in my life, and also because
  • I love punk; I even sat in th kitchen yesterday listening to some good old feminist punk rock, and actually reflecting deeply on how awesome it is to be the person I am partly because of that music (I guess I’ve too much time on my hands), and finally because
  • in the couple of months of running this blog, I’ve learnt, and even began to sort of like, to title the things I write, so I may do away with “Untitled” as the blog’s name.

I guess by now this post already looks very much like any other year-is-ending-let’s-look-back post (which I think is just what I subconsciously wanted), so I can only add:

a happy New Year to you!



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I'm an unprofessional writer, reader and translator. I'm also a walking, breathing and listening addict. And I love being all that.

2 thoughts on “For a Change”

  1. I’m always glad when people feel somewhat stronger at the end of a given year. It’s a thing that should be.
    By the way, you’re awesome.


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