The Doctor Who’ll Listen, Part I

“Master: It hurts, Doctor, the noise! The noise in my head. One-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four; stronger than ever before. Can’t you hear it?
Doctor: Sorry.
Master: Listen, listen, listen. Every minute, every second, every beat of my hearts, there it is, calling to me. Please, listen.
Doctor: I can’t hear it.
Master: LISTEN. (…)

Doctor & Master

“Doctor: You could be so wonderful. You’re a genius. You’re stone-cold brilliant, you are, I swear, you really are. But you could be so much more. You could be beautiful, with a mind like that; we could travel the stars; it’d be my honour. ‘Cause you don’t need to own the universe, just see it. To have the privilege of seeing the whole of time and space — that’s ownership enough.
Master: Would it stop then? The noise in my head?
Doctor: I can help.
Master: I don’t know what I’d be without that noise.
Doctor: I don’t know what I’d be without you”.

I like these two bits of dialogue between the Doctor and the Master so much I just had to put them here. (They, and the picture, come from the Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special episode The End Of Time.)

But I also like to take things out of context and adjust them to what I’ve been thinking about recently.

And as me and my blog are really monothematic, I’ve been thinking of psychological and psychiatric help in cases like that of the Master, when the sound of insanity gets louder than ever, louder than anything else, and you need a doctor. No, not a doctor: you need the doctor. The Doctor Who’ll Listen. But more on that in my next post.

Yes, I’m doing it. Splitting my post like the episode The End Of Time was split, into two parts. I had to. It’s too cool not to do it at least once on your blog.



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