What do Love Locks say about your Relationship?

That’s picking on symbols, but I love it anyway.

The Happy Hermit

Why do people use love locks as a symbol for their relationship?

Uzupis bridge locks 1They symbolize lack of freedom. Prisoners and kidnapped children are rotting behind doors closed with locks like these. You use them for your basement to store stuff that you never need anymore, but which you don’t want anyone else to take either. These locks are used to close the barn door to keep the cattle in, so that the cows and the sheep won’t escape slaughter.

Throwing away the key is even worse. It’s the nonverbal way of saying: “That’s it. You are no longer in control of your own life. You are going to die here, no matter what.”

You would never use a lock for somebody whom you truly cherish and respect, in whose liberty you believe and whom you trust.


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2 thoughts on “What do Love Locks say about your Relationship?”

  1. It made me laugh, to be honest. Of course, couples are like cattle – they are a part of a herd waiting to be slain. 😀 And they are the slayers at the same time. Ha, ha, ha, beautiful.
    I wouldn’t overthink the topic of love locks because in the context of lovers locking them on a given bridge they mean something completely different. Let’s not forget that there’s symbol and there’s allegory. Isn’t it that the former can actually have many meanings and allegory has only one?


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