Smile, Customers. Or Else, Get Out. A Post about… Shopping

One of my biggest first-world problems is I don’t much like shopping for clothes, and sometimes I feel forced to do it because clothes tend to fray, tear, and die, and you should then replace them.

So, sometimes I do go to a shop and buy clothes. But what I saw this Friday (at a place I have no intention of advertising here) annoyed me so much that I’ll probably put off the next instance of necessary shopping for as long as I can.

Be positive, or shut your ugly negative mouth.
A full spectrum of emotions? So uncool.

Seriously, world, are we now going to shame people who are currently unable to be “positive”? And are we going to label those who smile “cool” as if the fact of smiling instead of being sad/angry/anything-other-than-happy really made someone cooler?

…Yup, I know they’re just innocent T-shirts, designed by innocent designers, and I don’t mind them at all. But they both reminded me of the hundreds of times when I heard people saying things like “don’t be so negative,” “you should smile more,” or “you’re so pretty, why are you sad?”

Because you see, when you are pessimistic, you apparently spoil your interlocutor’s day by forcing them to tell you to stop being pessimistic. And when you don’t smile, you spoil it even more: no one likes a sad face. And if you’re considered pretty, but your mood is low, then the pretty picture your interlocutor could be seeing has a terrible, terrible glitch that prevents them from enjoying the conversation.

Because, all in all, negativity, pessimism, and sadness are horrific crimes in the world of happy-looking people who laugh and splash pool water at each other in advertisements.

I’ll tell you what, world. 1) Being pessimistic from time to time is normal, and some people are born more pessimistic than others, so being more pessimistic in general is normal for them. 2) Smiling is not possible at all times, especially when you experience the normal human emotions such as sadness, disappointment, or anger. 3) Smiling is usually a sign of other emotions, such as happiness or enjoyment, but it isn’t in any way connected to what people call “prettiness”.

In other words, you can’t have people smile and be positive all the time. Why would anyone want to? To see smiling faces around and feel good?

It’s good to feel good, but there’s so much more to other people than their capacity for making you feel good. They can be terrific friends, great artists, interesting interlocutors, you name it.

You know such people. They don’t always smile. Of course they don’t always smile.

And now…

:(( :C :”( :S :<

D: O: ):

…in your face, world.


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I'm an unprofessional writer, reader and translator. I'm also a walking, breathing and listening addict. And I love being all that.

5 thoughts on “Smile, Customers. Or Else, Get Out. A Post about… Shopping”

  1. LOL, Mullon, now I know what I’ll buy you for your next birthday. 😀

    You do realise that nowadays you can go shopping on the net?

    Okay, you also do realise that sometimes people don’t simply know what to say and that they are incapable of feeling sympathy, that’s probably why they say stuff like that. Sometimes they even wish you well while telling you to smile, they just choose the wrong words to communicate their concern. Or their stupid – that’s an option as well.

    I don’t get the outrage, after all, why care about all those people who made these shirts but who mean nothing to you? I would be more concerned if my close friends and family, people who matter thought like that as they are my world and I care about that not about the whole planet Earth a part of human population I’ll never even meet. 😉

    But sure, it sucks not to let people acknowledge their feelings, unless someone is a fan of numbing and artificiality.


    1. I realize that but there’s also stuff I can hardly buy on the Internet. An instance of which I bought on Friday. Won’t show you. Don’t even think about it.
      I realize the other thing, too, but it annoys me to hear that kind of stuff! And it also annoys me to see it on T-shirts. It isn’t outrage, it’s just annoyance. I write about it to get it out of the system. 🙂


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