The Perks of Being a Shit Fighter

“Who’s she?”
“Nobody important.”
“Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. You know that in nine hundred years of time and space I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.”

[from the Doctor Who 6th series episode “A Christmas Carol”]

Recently, I felt happy in quite a new, unrestrained, extreme way that involved crying during therapy. I mean, I know it’s quite common to cry out of happiness, but it never happened to me before, and I certainly didn’t ever expect to do so after being confronted with the memory of what’s probably the shittiest event from my past.

I felt happy and cried, because I finally got over an important event that I wanted to forget about for a few sullen years of my youth. I guess everyone feels the need to forget after something important, but important in a negative way, happens to them. I guess everyone at some point learns that this is pretty much impossible.

Events important in a negative way — or, to put it in a simpler way, the shit in our lives — are there for us to not only live with, but also to confront, get over, and learn from.

And I suspect that in some quirky way, they are also there for us to be able to one day feel on top of the world, like I do now.

While in therapy, I learned that there are no “unimportant” events, or people, and that especially if something feels important — it certainly is. And there’s no denying of its importance; you just have to confront shit.

I’m writing this post because I’m living proof of the fact that therapy helps — and I believe that every kind of living proof should be visible.


comic by lotny



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