Primitive Notions, and a Random Epiphany

Apparently, I’m dumb enough to need to revise the basic maths that I learned in high school. That’s how it came about that recently, I took up this book and, as it opened on a random page, found out that there are notions in mathematics that were never defined. Like a point, or a set.

The most interesting thing you will have seen today: my maths book
The most interesting thing you will have seen today: my maths book

And for someone who used to look at (basic — the only kind I’m capable of grasping) maths as an area of certainty, where all notions are clearly defined, and where you can come and rest doing algebra, and be happy when the equations simply solve themselves with only a little help from you — that was a kind of epiphany.

Because, however silly that may sound, it made me think: all right, if not even maths can define everything, I should probably stop trying to do so to everything around, and inside me, and just settle for the terrific, heart-stopping, tongue-tying, life-saving uncertainty that I live in.


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2 thoughts on “Primitive Notions, and a Random Epiphany”

  1. This epiphany that you speak of started unfolding about 100 years ago, and has influenced all of humanity. First, it was found that there were cracks in the foundation that Euclid built thousands of years ago. Then, Kurt Godel published his proof that there will always be contradictions, and un-proovable truths, in any form of mathematics. Now, we know of particles that do not exist in one specific place at any particular time.
    The long and short of it is that the universe, and life, is way spectacular, and cannot be definitively pinned down.

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