You Read About Such Sad Things // Dalek Photo Session #2

I can’t get out of my head what a colleague once said when another colleague was telling her about UCAVs: “You read about such sad things,” she said, and instantly became sad after finding out, to her great surprise, that drones are also military aircraft used to kill, and not just toys for rich kids to play with.

I can’t get it out of my head because I heard the same concern expressed by friends often enough to start chewing on the thought that I might read too much of the sad stuff to have a positive view of life.

So I started chewing on it a couple of years ago, and I chewed and chewed until my jaws began to ache…

And now that the thought is finally good to swallow, I can firmly say that my view of life is that, for too many people, it’s hell.

The view is, in more than one sense, positive: it’s certain, and it’s based on facts. As for that other sense — in which I’m sick of hearing the word to be used — this one also applies because this altogether “negative” view of life makes me appreciate the good things in it more.

Anyways, after considering the option of becoming more like the people who prefer to avoid sad news to preserve a positive view of life, and at the same time trying to understand that mindset, I must admit to failure.

Because I still prefer to know the sad news, and be aware even of the atrocious acts that people are capable of. Because I’m terribly afraid of misinformation. Because I am afraid, my dear readers, I am afraid of the dark.

So I’ll continue reading about the sad things in the company of the Dalek, who’s already got so sad sitting here with me that his arms dropped low and you can’t see it but he’s wringing his hands…

The Sad, Sad Dalek

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2 thoughts on “You Read About Such Sad Things // Dalek Photo Session #2”

  1. Some people’s lives are Hell… But it’s good for most. And most people are good. Don’t get misinformed by sensationalist media. 🙂


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