Shit Women Say

A year ago around Christmas, I wrote about the difficult and, at the same time, fruitful time I had enduring it.

This Christmas was not difficult, only a bit annoying, and the fruits of it include this observation:

Where I live, women can generally get away with awful comments that would be unthinkable for men to utter about women without being judged as sexist swine, or whatever it is you say on such occasions. They can throw around remarks about their partners’ low sex drive or impotence, in the presence of, say, a whole family, and it’s perfectly okay. Because apparently, men are there to satisfy women and there’s no excuse if they can’t. Just derision.

I tried to imagine what those same women would probably say if their partners commented negatively on their sexual ability in the presence of other people:

— So that’s all I mean to you?

Sometimes I can’t decide whether I misheard something or if someone really said something this awful and dumb.

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I'm an unprofessional writer, reader and translator. I'm also a walking, breathing and listening addict. And I love being all that.

3 thoughts on “Shit Women Say”

  1. Don’t you know how it works? Those who were once ‘opressed’, or in a disadvantegeous position, when they find themselves on an equal level lose the ability to see that they become the oppressors. And so all we have is just taking turns, like a never-ending struggle for apparently non-existent equality – pessimist speaking… or is it realist?


    1. I’m more inclined to say it’s realist. People have a lot of potential for cruelty and stupidity, and I find it hard to believe this wrongly understood “fight for equality” will ever end.
      By the way, “fight for equality” sounds almost like “fight for peace,” doesn’t it? Negotiation would be better but we’re not taught to negotiate…

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  2. O.o That’s just awful, and reprehensible. How could anyone complain about something so intimate regarding their partner?
    And yes, women do get away with things that men wouldn’t say in polite company. So much that I’m sometimes too dumbfounded to explain why that was sexist.

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