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Last Sunday during a demonstration against inhuman abortion laws that some people in my country want to be introduced, some guy appeared on the improvised stage and said that every woman who considers abortion should first talk about it to a certain long-dead religious leader.

He got whistled off the stage, which was understandable but nevertheless stupid and rude.

Anyhow, he got me thinking about this (apparently) virtuous ideal that so (inconceivably) many people have of seeking the advice of (probably) wise (reportedly) holy religious figures in (definite) authority.

I sometimes hear similar pieces of advice thrown at other people. “Talk to God” when someone has a moral dilemma, “God wants families to be together” when someone else is miserable in their marriage. People keep smearing their mouths with the name of Jesus to sound more authoritative when they announce their agenda, or to cover up the fact that they don’t know what to say.

It’s all so damn annoying. I’m not saying life is simple enough not to need any advice from anyone ever. But learning to make good decisions doesn’t have to mean learning it by memory from some religious or other authority. In fact, living a life, talking to people, and drawing conclusions is quite enough.

Where does the doubt come from that makes grown-up people yield the responsibility to decide about themselves to other people? …Can someone explain that to me?


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One thought on “Ask Jesus”

  1. What you may find interesting is that there is no definite one and only Jesus. People have been interpreting the Bible their own way, even every translation is a form of partial interpretation. There is no unified Christianity, I think, there are just opinions some of us choose to perpatuate, those; however, are subjective. So when somebody says ‘listen to Jesus’ or whatever, they just mean: ‘see it the way I see it, I found peace and answer to my problems there, and I think there’s answer to your problems, too’. My point being: some of us just don’t take into consideration that what works for one of us, doesn’t necessarily work for all of us, thus we give personalised advice. There’s nothing wrong about that, exchanging opinions makes us grow, as long as parties involved apply their own reason and are open to other opinions without the need to deny them completely, but just to take them as they are and say: ‘okay, but it works different for me’ without all the ‘your religion is a shit’ banter.

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